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After the Big Run, Some Areas Look Vulnerable

Looks like IBM is going the way of Unisys and Xerox. Why? Check in with Cramer to find out, and then talk about it on the message boards.
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Size IBM's trading at 102. Oops, check that, 101.

Now PAR! The big 102 print didn't hold. Man, that's nasty. Looks like


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is going to go in the


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camp, not the

Sun Microsystems

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Microsoft, Dell, IBM:

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What happened? It is mainframes. Y2K and mainframes. Large institutional pieces are trading as I write and they are not holding.

If the


comp weren't up 100, I don't think people would be so worried. But we just had a couple-day humongo run and a lot of stocks look vulnerable in the hardware segment.

We aren't tempted here. Hardware is just too hard.

America Online


seems to be stabilizing at 116 and


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seems to be holding 80.

I have been hit several times by Amgen sellers even as I listen to the call and I don't hear the badness the sellers do. You can never be reassured by a call when stock is falling rapidly in


and these other after-hours shops. But I am taking the break as a one-day sale.

Collaterally there is a huge amount of stock-trading all over the place (meaning typically down a dollar) off of IBM, so those so inclined have a big menu to chose from, the most I have ever seen in after hours.

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