A Yawn for the Wall Street Handicapper

Gene Marcial's picks are putting the trader to sleep this week.
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Gene Marcial's column put me to sleep this week. He wants us to buy

Carolina Power

(CPL) - Get Report

! Heavens to Betsy, could there be anything more boring?

Sure enough, there's a hidden asset play here. Carolina Power's got a fiber-optic network that it might spin off. Wake me when they do it.

He also pushes

Hughes Electronics


as a takeout. I would put this one in the hell-freezes-over category. Gene-o goes back to an old well here, as Hughes Electronics is a pick of William Harnisch from

Forstmann Leff

, which owns under 4% of the stock float. I have


made a dime following this guy and I would sell right into this one.

Finally Marcial likes


(CVS) - Get Report

because of the Procare pharmacy rollout. I could see this stock being a decent investment, but I do not care about Procare. If there is a pop, take it.

Random musings:

Great piece by Floyd Norris on Frank Slattery in this morning's

New York Times

. Guy calls himself Quint. OK Quint, I'm Chief Brody. I have seen the movie. You get eaten in the end! (Credit to


on this one.)

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