A Wee Ramp, but a Ramp Nonetheless

JJC was skeptical but his head trader was dead-on. Now it's time for the Fox show -- be sure to call in!
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It wasn't much of a ramp. It was more of a bump. Or a hillock. Maybe a promontory. Or a switchback. But

Todd Harrison


correctly call the direction of the



Now we look like milquetoasts for not backing the T-shirted Todd-o with his omniscient bet. He will probably now insist on doing his

Barton Biggs

imitation for the next hour and we will all have to feign laughter cause he has the hot hand.

In the meantime, we are thinking that next week will be another week of recovery as earnings season begins in earnest. We aren't worried about the first five days, when the organized companies tend to report.

Don't forget to call in to the

Fox News Channel

show tonight to ask me questions: 888-TELL-FOX. And please, don't inquire about penny stocks. You don't want me slamming you on a tired Friday after a fried week. I will show no mercy.

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