The Big Bad Event is over, so buyers come in, even when the event ain't so hot? That's our thinking. People buy tech because they are not worried about the Fed? Makes sense. People buy tech because we have the Hambrecht & Quist conference Monday and it will be bullish? Makes sense again.

People who got

short ahead of this number are hurt. People who got long ahead of this number are now letting them go to the people who are short and covering!

Incredible, just incredible. This market does whatever it can to frustrate the most people. It is diabolically devious. It is, well, exactly like 1994!

Random musings:


(CSCO) - Get Report

does a giant acquisition, buying a company for about 35 times revenue. Only Cisco can get away with this stuff, because it knows how to do these kinds of acquisitions. I remain bullish on Cisco and will buy it ahead of the quarter ... Darn CDs starting to earn too much vs. your mutual fund. Starting to be competition.

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