Padinha's right about the economy. It is incredibly strong. But these numbers this morning are right, too. There is no inflation. And bonds, after they finish digesting the billions upon billions of issues, will explode to 5%, and we will move higher.

I can't take it anymore. I have to jump up and down about these inflation numbers. We have better inflation numbers than the Japanese, and they have Hoover-like growth. Where are the champions of this darn economy away from


?! These were remarkable numbers for us, especially for those who traded during the




years when these numbers used to send us to


and then to whack bids for our bonds.

Can you believe it?


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blows up and


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blows up and there is no inflation -- yet the economy is on fire! The whole thing is just amazing, and I sure as heck wish that we would stop talking about

Dow 10,000 and instead focus on how idiosyncratically great this market really is.

OK, had to say something. Back to the foxhole.

Random musings:

Why do we have to trade these days?

Maria Bartiromo

tells us what is going to happen -- right or wrong -- so why can't we just trade futures on what Maria is going to push? ... Sold my


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yesterday and today

J.P. Morgan

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upgrades it. (^#$*$*^*%#&#&#&#&#&^^!!!!! ...


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meeting that just ended was A-OK, which leaves only a potential



preannouncement away from forming a bottom in tech. I am buying Intel and am long it.

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