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Feels like a tired Friday, doesn't it? The secondaries aren't holding that well except the one that is now the poster boy of the attorneys general around the country, and we have a ton of minus signs.

Marcial's stuff from

Business Week

is taking its usual toll on people's wallets, although I am happy to see that people are willing to have some perspective and aren't gunning some of the thinner ones into the stratosphere.

And the amazing Gilder is having great second-day traction in



, which we left yesterday thinking it could not possibly go higher. Kick me!

As the cop said to Jack Nicholson at the end of one of my favorite movies, "Forget it, Jake. It's expiration."

Random musings:

Oh my, have the boards become a vitriolic place. Not a huge shock -- the boards have never been for the meek. But now the business press, which has, shall we say, some conflicts when it comes to writing about a rival like


, is starting to resemble the same kind of ethical rigor usually reserved for anonymous board posters. It's unworldly to see the



TheStreet Recommends



The New York Times

, the

Financial Times


CBS MarketWatch

-- some of our chief competitors -- blithely defining what may happen to us. And without an ounce of shame or conflict revealed. Jim Ledbetter at

The Industry Standard

has a good take on this

Alice in Wonderland

scene. Check it out


And, let me reiterate that our intentions from the day we started

have never wavered. We are working to level the playing field for the millions of investors who want to control their own finances. We would never let any entity, corporate or individual, dissuade us from that mission. To those who think otherwise, as the title of this column says, you are Wrong.

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