The headline, "General Mills Reaffirms Double-Digit Growth Plan," in this week's

Minneapolis Star Tribune

sure got me to take a look at the stock. Anything down 20% that sells at a price earnings multiple in the teens with teenage growth, count me in.

Double-digit growth, cheap stock, what's not to like? And then I read the story.

General Mills

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isn't growing at double-digits. Not at all. It is growing at mid-single digits IN SALES. The double-digit stuff, that's all from the expense stuff you see at all of the old-line firms. The company hopes to find $500 million in productivity gains and expenses.

Nope. That's not what I want. If the Web grows organically, this is inorganic. If the Web is viral in nature, this is comatose.

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We like rapid revenue growth. Earnings per share? Don't mean that much to me. Because it has been corrupted by tax rates and expenses and all of this other bottom line stuff that can make slow-growing companies look like fast-growing companies.

So let GIS go up its eighth of a point. Let people feel good about an undervalued franchise.

I am trying

to find the next Cisco

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