A Small Note on Two Big Moves for <I>TSC</I>

We want to add 10 more stocks to the Red Hot index and need your input. Also, how to find Cramer's latest.
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A billion shares daily. This market hasn't figured out it's Christmas week!

We're not exactly focused on the mistletoe, either. Not yet anyway. We're still tweaking away, trying to build an excellent site that you can show the family while spending time together during the holidays.

One of the big moves: expanding the

Red Hot stock index. Right now, the 20-stock index does a terrific job tracking the

Red Hats


of the world, but we want to add 10 more stocks to the list. Weigh in on our nominations by visiting our

message boards to post your comments on the candidates -- and make your own nominations.

Finally, one change that has discombobulated some of you: We've removed the big tile that said "Click Here for Cramer's Latest." You can still

bookmark a page with a list of Cramer's latest pieces, however. Just refresh the page when you get to it, and the latest string of Cramer columns will be there.

Thanks for your support, and we'll keep hustling!