A Simple Session

Cramer says you can never blow off sliding stock prices. But today was really a textbook pullback/consolidation move.
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Ugly to me is when there are more stocks down than up. Ugly isn't when the

Dow Jones

averages are down.

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You never want to be too complacent in the face of sliding stock prices. But today, and yesterday, were really textbook pullback/consolidation moves.

When I first got into this game I used to hate days like today. I would sense the momentum of the previous week waning and I would slam out bids and take quick profits.

How things have changed. I was on the bid side today, buying back some of my fave stocks that had just run so much --

Sun Microsystems

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being the best example -- and hoping that I would get hit on




I didn't! I used the weakness in



to get some more of that, although it was disconcerting to see that decline for no reason.

Simple session: The bonds remain our friend. The sellers are justifiably taking profits.

Random musings

: A bunch of angry emailers cyber-screamed at me for getting them to sell Sun Micro and demanded an apology. Hold it! I said that I sold it. I made a mistake. It continued to go up. I was wrong.

Man, I looked and felt stupid. But an apology? I've got enough problems. I don't want you to do what I do; I want you to know why I do it!

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