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A Schizoid Session

The Dow and the Nasdaq part company, and today's wackiness doesn't bode well for the markets.

Holy smokes, the


goes out at the high of the day and the


goes out at the low? Talk about split personality; this session was downright schizophrenic.

I didn't trust this day. First, it came on top of Friday's massive markup by institutions of their fave NDX names. Those rolled over big-time.

Second, I cannot emphasize enough that, while the cyclicals will move again tomorrow and maybe the next day, these stocks will be downright impossible to own through the preannouncement period. These companies won't make the earnings.

Third, the action in


(INTC) - Get Intel Corporation (INTC) Report

once again took the NDX's breath away. Nasty, and backed up by Dan Niles' negative work. (Nothing personal, mind you, I am neither long nor short it.)

Finally, the Net got clobbered -- making me wonder whether it was severely marked up last week by people who wanted to show that the Net wasn't all bad for May. Wish they hadn't done that. Makes the whole game much harder.

TheStreet Recommends

Again, I am sidelined, waiting for the other shoe to drop on Friday. I read


piece today about


and it made me feel even worse about that wrong number. Guy wants to be my Fourth of July, I guess.

A beautiful weekend, fantastic weather, lots of running bases, tag and tent-raising, yet it doesn't change the outlook: cloudy with a serious chance of lower prices ahead.

Random musings:

Wowie, zowie, the preannouncement period begins with a bang from

American Home


. Now there's a miss for you!

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