Out of socks and into


? Out of mush and into MoSH? Let me explain. I am seeing sellers of the consumer staple stocks and buyers of the semiconductors. People don't seem to want the thin gruel of the foods; instead, they crave the

Morgan Stanley High-Tech 35

index, or MSH.

This rotation is important because, frankly, there isn't enough money around to take up everything. When you see the drugs down, the corollary, biotech and high-rolling tech, start to ramp up.

As the latter is filled with bad holders (meaning levered players) they get relief, which then allows the analysts to come out of their pillboxes (they long ago abandoned foxholes because the white phosphorous shelling burns to holy heck!) to recommend their wares.

Then you come in the next day and Europe is up and we get reliquified worldwide. Suddenly, hope springs eternal. And it is just as crowded on the way up as it was on the way down.

Next thing you know, we are back in a world where earnings matter, because it is earnings season, and we live happily ever after.

For a couple of days.

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