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A Relatively Benign Close

But there are a few things the trader needs to see before he gets more bullish.

Not a bad close. My technician, Todd Harrison, called a V bottom, which is a pattern that looks like a straight up off the bottom move. I never like to call anything bullish on a down huge day, but the last half-hour saw a nice comeback.

We wondered whether the margin selling reached a climax at 3:30 p.m. and that allowed the market to lift. What would make us more bullish?

Simple: If companies pulled underwritings. If brokerages stopped allowing venture-capital firms to put out new deals. If some dot-coms were to just go belly-up and NOT be replaced by new underwritings.

We need to see some discipline on the part of the sellers. We have to see these deals cancelled if this is anything more than a "saved by the bell" V bottom.

I am going to monitor

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closely over the next few days. If there is no cessation of selling -- if there is just the same, old same old -- we aren't going to do anything but kick out the stuff we bought on that last round of buys indicated in the "wazoo emergency"


Random musings:

That close will inspire buyers -- and the institutions who have cash will take up their favorite stocks tomorrow. Really hard to be a superbear here, even though the bears had to be doing the big jig at 3:30 p.m. when the margin ax was finished.

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