Who would have thought the tape could just bore you to death? Today's session must be a huge drag in those daytrading firms, because markets like these inspire none of the excitement that we had in the last few years. They offer few clues or trades. They just kind of sit there.

We spend all our days like this doing research, going to conferences, reading research reports. What do those guys do? Do they put movies on instead of


? Do they break out old charts of old stocks, kind of like a retrospective thing? Wow, look at that breakout in

U.S. Steel

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in 1983? Get a load of that triple top in

Dome Petroleum

in 1981! Can you believe the reverse

head-and-shoulders that


(MRK) - Get Report

put in back in 1985? Now that's one sweet chart!

Or do they switch to betting on the


and the


? Something with a little more action?

This session is like a really bad


game (I know -- an oxymoron). Not much at stake. Not much of interest. I've got really good seats, but so what? We aren't going anywhere.

I miss the action.

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