Flummoxed by the continual advance in


(WMT) - Get Report

10 points after I booted it, I conned my wife into an hour-long trip to our local outpost to see what the heck was going on.

I justified it by saying that tech will be so weak that I'll need another place to go besides tech. It didn't take long. We went in to buy a


Game Boy to please my youngest, who keeps begging for my eldest's, but that's not what we ended up with.



for 97 cents?" my wife asks right away. "I paid double that last week. We need Clorox."

Of course we don't, but who am I to say?

Then we see a combination TV/VCR from


for $200. "Grandma needs that. We have to get it for her. That's half what they're going for at the places I just checked."

We've only gotten halfway through the aisle to Nintendo, and we've just bought two things we didn't intend to because of price.


Sunrise Detergent

for $4? How can you go wrong for $4?"

Yep, in with the Sunrise.

By the time we get to the Nintendo rack, we have a cart filled with things we didn't come for at prices we can't afford not to buy.

We are out in a flash -- no lines ever at our Wal-Mart. Some nice grandma wishes us a good day as we leave. Says she likes something my wife is wearing.

"Why don't you own this stock?" she says to me as we get in the car.

"What are you, a nut job?"

Random musings:


Mark Haines

. Welcome back.

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