Why can't you just hide in the Gillettes (G) - Get Report? I was listening to my old friend Seth Tobias talking about the soft goods and I said, "How about Gillette ahead of this big Monday meeting in Boston?"

But then I ordered up a sensitivity analysis of Gillette to the euro, and it showed that so much of the company's revenue comes from

that weak currency that it has to impact the company's bottom line negatively.

I am afraid that they won't be able to make the numbers because of that currency translation. (A weak euro buys fewer dollars -- which translates into lower earnings.) So, again, a punted trade. Just too hard.

Random musings:

The opening, even this crummy opening, was too bullish. That mere momentary blip up of the


(ORCL) - Get Report

sucked people in. Brutal.

Also, was

Helene Meisler

in our morning meeting at

Cramer Berkowitz

? Her

column today reflects everything we talked about, right down to the stocks she highlights!

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