If you're a regular reader of




, today you may have noticed a few new features that make our sites look a little different. In our ongoing effort to serve you better, we've made a few changes to our design to give you, our reader, a better experience. We know your time is valuable, and you want to find what you need - fast. We hear you, and here's what we've done to make your experience on our sites time well spent.

Global Navigation

First, check out the left-hand side of our pages. We've created a brand-new way to navigate through our sites. Not only have the color and typeface changed, but some links have too, sending you to the places you like best in a readable, easy-to-use format. For example, you'll be one click away from accessing the new


metrics section, which brings you all of the market data you need most in one place. Whether it's market sentiment, sector action or individual stock moves, we're collecting and updating the most relevant figures for you in one spot.

Updated Ticker Information

Then, get all the major market information from our new ticker box, at the top right of each page. It puts all the indices literally at your fingertips. We've redesigned it to make it more prominent and easier to read, and we've moved it up from the bottom of the screen for better accessibility. We've also built in more interactivity. Do you follow the


closely? Click on the chart icon below the Nasdaq label, and you'll see a chart of its recent activity right above. Do the same for the


TheStreet Recommends

or the


, and instantly see what's going on in today's volatile marketplace.

Tools and Quotes

Head to the top left of each page, and you'll find the Tools/Quotes box (it's moved from the top right). If you're a


user, just type in a stock symbol or company name, and get a recent quote, along with a chart and the latest headlines about that security. If you're a


member, you get all that, plus instant access to the real-time quote.

And That's Just a Start

Look for all kinds of new developments on


Network in the weeks and months ahead. These improvements are the first phase of a comprehensive redesign that will make the most of your time on our sites. We're doing all we can to make our sites user-friendly and easy to navigate, so please feel free to share your thoughts and comments by writing us at