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Every week for the past I don't know how many years we have had to endure Gene Marcial's

Business Week

column by that hypes stocks pretty indiscriminately, even by its own measurement.

Here is a feature I hope to make as regular as possible, a tip sheet on Marcial's Tip Sheet. I am trying to get it up by the opening so the column does less damage to your wallet than usual.

First up, he predicts steam for



(HOOV), betting that something big could happen here, either with takeout or earnings. I like this one, I think it is a 1-in-3 shot of being right, much higher than usual for this column. But remember, the finance segment, which Hoover's plays in, is wildly overpopulated and viciously competitive. I would buy it if were unchanged. I would not pay 10 where it is indicated as I write.

Second is

TheStreet Recommends

Communication Intelligence


. Oh boy, I dealt with this one on Tuesday in my

column saying it was too speculative. Marcial throws the napalm on it today and it is up 2 from the get go. This one is a sale if you own it -- right into the Marcial run-up. This is the kind of small-cap stock that should not be hyped in these columns, but seems to be done regardless of the ethics involved. C'est la vie.

Third is


(MDR) - Get McDermott International, Inc. Report

. This one is touted by James Marquez, who used to tout all of the time to Dan Dorfman. I give this a 1-in-10 shot as Marquez's record is spotty at best. Use any Marcial lift to lighten up.

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