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It's funny how things change as you get older. Years ago, before I had children or was even married, a great day would have been playing a fantastic golf course with a few close friends. Or maybe making a series of incredible trades that netted a big payday.

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Now, though, you know what a great day is? A great day is what I had this past Saturday. I started out by watching my eldest, Katherine, help power the Whitman High School crew team to a championship victory in the Freshman "8" competition. In short, my little girl and her teammates are the fastest group of freshman girls in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. A thrilling "open water" (read: more than a boat length) win had this dad with tears in his eyes.

Then I ran home to help Diana celebrate her birthday here at the house with 25 of her closest friends. Remember what it was like to be 13 and at a party with both boys and girls? Trust me, I was ever-vigilant!

Sometimes, you know, being a parent is a pain in the neck. But mostly it's pretty darn good, and when you have days like this one, you wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

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And that is the final word from the Rialto Theatre, where of course, my kids have already seen


. No surprises, though: Like the 827 million other people who have seen it so far, they loved it.

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