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Can you believe it's already the end of April? Of course, New Years does seem like an eternity ago, doesn't it?

Anyway, getting back to my recent question: A few people were able to dig up the team who won swimming's recent national championship. And that team was none other than the powerful Curl-Burke Swim Club! Now, why do I care?

Because my kids are on that team and I'm damn proud of it!

Really, the nerve of you people, not knowing the exact comings and goings of my life! (It should be noted, of course, that my girls, being 10 and 12, had as much association with the kids who actually swam at the Nationals as the man on the Moon. But, hey, they all wear the same swim cap, baby!)

Sick of swimming stories? Oh, don't worry, it'll get a lot worse once the long-course season cranks up! Until then, send any and all to A special pass to the top of my queue if you can tell me how many world-record holders Curl-Burke has on the roster.

CMGI Makes a Stand

Mr. Smith:

I have been a holder of



since early in 1995, and am interested to hear your chart analysis.

Grant Toch

When Down Means Up


Would you look at the chart of



. Thanks.

Roger Ko

Making No Promises Here

Gary: What do the charts say about


(CSCO) - Get Free Report


Richard Rowan

A Classic Breakout


If you have a chance, could you review a chart of

Insituform Technologies


? Thanks!

Jeff Chasin

Breakdown Ahead


I'm new to


and don't know if you have recently looked at

Internet Capital Group


. I have rode it down until the pain is getting unbearable. Does there seem to be any future to this issue?

W. Barbour

Good, and May Get Better

Hey Gary:

Could you do a chart on

Digital Lightware


? I feel that it has broken through its resistance level, what do you think?

David Hausler

Standing Tall

Mr. Smith: I know


(IBM) - Get Free Report

is a little fuddy-duddy, but the earnings per share and the price-earnings ratio seem OK (my broker says those things are irrelevant). May I know your technical opinion?

Bruce Butler

No Saving Grace Here




: This stock looks extremely interesting: It has lost almost 90% from the peak, but the business shows no signs of deterioration -- can the chart help in any way?

David Tong

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