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A Friendless, Trendless Week

The fickle action lately makes Cramer want to trade less, not more.

The market has one goal right now: to drive as many people nuts as possible.


gets slammed today. NDX got loved yesterday. NDX got slammed the day before that. Everybody loved the Net in the second half of yesterday's session. Today? Hated it.


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, which has been in its own personal hell for so long, today looked heavenly. The drugs, everybody's favorite whipping boy for days, traded terrifically.

In other words, the trend is not only not your friend, the trend is a missing person! All of which argues again for doing less. The market is not always trendless. We know that because it rallied from


800 16 years ago. Now there's a trend for you.

But during that incredible, wonderful romp -- what the heck, why not give it a couple of superlatives and huzzahs, it is pretty amazing isn't it? -- there were a lot of periods where capital was ground into the dust.

This is one of those periods. I know it must seem so enticing to you to jump the


gun, decide everything is fully discounted and make a big bet.

That's just not my style.

There will be plenty of time and plenty of better opportunities.

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Random musing:

Some PR guy sends me an email asking me if i am interested in

Digital Corporate Profiles

. As a courtesy I say sure, so he sends me a copy of their work, which is a "corporate storyteller" CD-ROM, for, get this,

Intimate Brands


. I see in the release that the company also tells the stories of


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and the

Cheesecake Factory

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. Funny, Melissa Kasper, my analyst, wasn't that into it. Next time, send Arco.

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