A Different Kind of Opportunity

Take a look at what's happening with Abbott Labs today. After witnessing the action, Cramer's got a new strategy for reacting to those nasty FDA letters.
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When you think opportunity in the stock market, think about what happened recently with Abbott Labs (ABT) - Get Report. Here's one of America's premier growth companies that has a history of rewarding its shareholders. A couple of weeks ago, it got one of those FDA letters about one of its labs not being in tip-top shape. I know I was freaked out about it. So were some of the analysts. The thing got hammered. They took it down to 36.

Two weeks later, and look at this stock! It is ramping. You want to tell those buyers that they should remember that nasty compliance letter that Abbott got? You want to remind them about what sent the stock down 20% from where it is now, to a fantastic place to buy?

These FDA letters seem, at times, like the cost of doing business for the major pharmaceutical players. Next time I see one of these, I am holding my nose and buying the stock.

As I should have when Abbott got clocked last time.

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