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A Day With Carrie Bradshaw's Credit Card

Does Carrie Bradshaw's shopping budget approach reality? Are there 'real-life' Carries who outspend her? Find out the surprising answer here!

The Sex and the City (TWC) ladies' spending habits are apparently not tied to the potential recession . Endless rounds of $12 Cosmos! Constant taxi taking! Those $550 shoes! It may be fun to watch, but is this lifestyle realistic for actual city-dwelling working girls?

For answers, MainStreet first turned to Brazen Careerist blogger Penelope Trunk. "In a lot of ways,

the women on

Sex and the City

live the life a tourist lives.

And the tourist has no sense of how New Yorkers live," she says. "Most people who can afford to go out for drinks every night can't because they're working."

So how



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New York ladies live

? MainStreet asked a 'real-life' Carrie Bradshaw, journalist Leonora Epstein, a Cosmopolitan magazine staffer and girl-about-town, to reconstruct a hypothetical Friday for us, last minute shopping trips and all.

Making of a Cosmo girl blogger

tells MainStreet that between her social life and her job, she considers herself to be leading "a bit of a charmed life" - and she does it all on about $35,000 a year.

We're not sure we believe her, but Leonora swears she pays her credit card bills herself. (Unlike the notoriously Web-befuddled Carrie Bradshaw, Leonora pays

her bills online

). "I never open my credit card statement," she says, admitting, "I really don't pay attention to my finances." Well we did. To learn what we found out

click here

and read MainStreet's full article.

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