A Day for Guinness

The book, not the drink, as the market imbibes on the 'go frees' of the Internet world.
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General Mills

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has just decided to give all of its cereal away online! That could be worth 22 points.

Ford Motor

(F) - Get Report

has plans to give away cars online -- that ought to land that stock on the 52-week-high list.

And get this, just in,


(BA) - Get Report

intends to give its planes away online, provided the buyers will give up their real names, in order to comply with


new rules. Boeing to the moon!

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Yes, the "go free" craze took over in full force today. It led to a reversal of

America Online


, which is paid. It led to a spectacular rally in

Be Free


, which isn't free but has a great name (and a dynamite nickname for both World and



It caused some stocks to rally on the expectation that they will give up earning revenue and instead earn value points, or eyeballs or

Media Metrix

gold stars or

S&H Green Stamps

, or maybe bottlecaps. That's why

Internet America


ramped -- no kidding. And it left all of the fuddy-duddies in the world thinking, "We gotta retire."

Yes, in a string of absurdly fabulous days, where everything new seems to be working, and the


(BMY) - Get Report

and the

American Homes


and the



continue to take gas, today was still one more day that belongs in


. This one required a total suspension of everything except a belief in one


, indivisible with


(LBRT) - Get Report

and stock splits for



My best moment today came when my sister's kid, a bright-eyed 14-year-old freshman in high school, came in and said he was ready to take

Matt "Young Turk" Jacobs'

place. I told him that his 8-year-old sister was coming in tomorrow and that he was already too old and jaded to play in this league.

Random musings




insistence on charging may be causing some of this after-market selloff.

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