Part of the job of writing Wrong! is admitting when you are wrong.

I made a huge error when I blasted all of the press for missing the story that John Malone wasn't at the tiller at

Tele-Communications Inc.

. Turns out that


, which I love, just did a piece about exactly this point.

When I wrote the piece I really meant to slam the

Wall Street Journal

for missing this story, but I felt that I'd been too tough on old

Dow Jones

lately. So instead I used a broader brush. Unfortunately I painted over a great


hatchet job of Malone. Wish I had written it, or at least read it, before I wrote Wrong!

To all the brave souls at Fortune who wrote a tough piece that I ignored, you have my Mea Culpa.

James Cramer is manager of hedge fund and co-chairman of The Street. He unfortunately still has a significant position in TCI. While he cannot provide individual investment advice or recommendations, he welcomes your feedback, emailed to