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A Close Call With Bristol-Myers Squibb

The trader nearly bought this stock right before the company's most promising drug got yanked.
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Oh my!


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coming out the wazoo!

Bristol's biggest hope, Vanlev, just got yanked and I can thank my lucky stars I didn't get picked off by that big Bristol trade that happened right before the bad news hit.

Here we were minding our own business, taking some


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American Home Products


and next thing you know, boom, someone comes in and tells us that we can buy Bristol at a discount. Big seller.

We almost did it, but we were full up on drug stocks. There, but the grace of ... because Bristol's biggest hope to compete against the drugs of Pfizer and Merck was Vanlev.

That's why they can't get Bristol open. That's why Merck and Pfizer are ramping.

It is better to be lucky than good.

Random musings:

We are thinking about institutionalizing

Buzz Gould and his sidekick Batch Hammer because of popular demand -- it seems like people want to know what these two are thinking and doing at all times.

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