A Bull Market Every Half-Hour

This volatility makes the trader glad he worked out this morning.
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This tape gives you a bull market every half-hour. Take the



life cycle we just saw. The stock opens down, badly, sellers everywhere. The culprit? Who knows, but it looks like the dead-tree



sale that was mentioned in the


this morning. Heck, we heard about that possibility yesterday, so we buy. We get 20,000 shares in, down 2 1/2.

Darn if the stock doesn't drop a smacker by the time we get the report -- and we have machine gun-style brokers. So we buy another 10,000 down 3 1/2.

By the time we get the report the stock is up 2! (This time I stepped off the desk to check a search engine beta that was cool as all get out.) I sell 10,000. I get a 170 report. Ka-ching!



(G) - Get Report

down 6. In this tape, in this wonderful, wild, nutty tape, the only thing you have to worry about is your health. Can you handle the volatility without a coronary? Can you accept that to own



you have to experience a 214 level -- down 5 in premarket trading -- in order to reap a $237 reward? Can your blood pressure weather this excitement?

Glad I worked out today.

Random musings:

Kudos to

Lewis Purdue

, who

knows this



stuff. And to


, who

wrote the definitive monograph this morning on


(INTC) - Get Report

in the home. Darn site, it's as hot as this market!

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