A B2B League Update

Cramer's B2B rotisserie picks are up 25%. If only portfolio management imitated sport.
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When I drafted my

business-to-business rotisserie team and stacked it with companies that make online auctions for products, I had no idea how hot those players would be.

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In fact, my rotisserie partner,

Matt "Be Free" (BFRE) Jacobs

, scoffed that this old dog liked too many of the

Commerce Ones


for his taste.


Here we are at the end of the league's second week, and my picks are up 25%. Oh, my -- if only portfolio management imitated sport! No way I would be dragging my butt up to


for three grueling hours of TV filming. (Just kidding -- I love it. I just wish I could be home.)

Anyway, as I will say on

the show this weekend, I think these stocks have further to go -- maybe much further. And I remain committed to the group despite the run, as you will see when I do my State of the Web piece Sunday night.

Oh, yeah, just in case you think the league is too risky, you can always buy what those happy-go-lucky insiders are buying:


(XRX) - Get Report

! Don't say I didn't warn you! Everything at Xerox gets blown up!

Random musings

: Preannouncement season begins in earnest next week, so the market might not be as kind to companies that do a ton of business overseas.

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