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) -- Oh, sure we can talk about the technical issues of blah, blah, blah, behind individual, U.S., and global economics, but haven't we heard enough from economists, financial advisers, and politicians?

Dare I say, "Let's take a journey into the world of root cause analysis -- translation: common sense!"

9 Irrefutable Truths of Today's Economy

    We spend too much.

    We save too little.

    We invest too spastically.

    Being connected in the world is good and bad.

    Policy protections do more harmful consequences than good.

    You cannot totally spend nor save your way into prosperity.

    While life isn't fair, trying to make it so is sure to make it worse.

    U.S. stock prices surge up and down on news of debt loads, debt relief, and uncertainties in the economic and legislative landscape.

    Sovereign debt and entire countries being insolvent is a lagging indicator of citizen insolvency.

    Deep divides over tax increases vs. spending decreases is a ideological conflict as old as liberalism and conservatism.

    BRIC and other emerging economies are going to present more opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses.

    U.S. home sales are slow, foreclosures are fast and new construction is nonexistent.

    These are all symptoms.

    To be sure, the true reasons behind our mess are that we have lied, cheated, and stolen our prosperity and purposeful lives away from ourselves by sacrificing the traditional values of decency and the protestant work ethic for self-indulgence, gratification, and depravity.

    As we look around and consider how many are gaming-the-system and on the government dole at the expense of those of us who are law-abiding, working, responsible consumers, we have arrived at a disastrous "Starve the Successful, Feed the Failures" scenario.

    Which brings us to irrefutable truth number eight:

    8. Everyone can be guaranteed opportunity. No one can be guaranteed success.

    There must be consequences to flawed performance, hopeless laziness, chosen criminality and entitlement empire building. We must raise our standards for individual perseverance, intelligent risk and ethical courage.

    Until we have the intellectual honesty, the spiritual courage and practical appreciation for honoring the tenets that empower people to try rather than the advocating learned helplessness and dependency on government largesse, we will continue to wallow in this mess and surely even make it worse.

    Which brings us to the last irrefutable truth:

    9. There is nothing we can achieve collectively when we fail our individual values.

    This commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet guest contributor program. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of TheStreet or its management.