After the bloodbath across capital markets at the start of this year, oil prices and the S&P 500 are recovering from the pain.

However, there are some stocks which have taken it harder on the chin and have yet managed to stage a better recovery.

With encouraging analyst ratings, inexpensive valuations, and potential for superior earnings growth for at least the next five years, these lesser known undervalued gems are set to be growth stock winners this year

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1. CommScope Holding Co. (COMM) - Get Report

CommScope Holding operates in the communication infrastructure space. After a precipitous decline that commenced in November 2015, the stock has been on a steady recovery since February this year.

So far, improving margins than previous quarter, lower costs and the acquisition of BNS (Broadband Network Solutions), which positively impacted the Connectivity and Mobility sales segment, have helped the company regain some lost ground.

Going forward, the Mobility business, which is facing headwinds by way of lower spends by wireless operators, is expected to recover soon, as emerging markets will continue to demand wireless coverage and demand for mobile broadband in developed economies is intact.

Further, gross and operating margins are expected to receive a boost as cost synergies from the BNS integration kick in.

The company has a good track record of either meeting or beating analysts' expectations on earnings at least over the last four quarters. Analysts expect the company to grow earnings at nearly 18.45%, far outpacing the industry's run rate of 15.26%. Even in terms of valuations, at a price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 12%, the company is trading at a steep discount to the industry P/E of 23.37. If you're looking to build wealth, this little-known equity is a smart choice.

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2. HD Supply Holdings (HDS) - Get Report

HD Supply is a large industrial distributor that serves contractors, government-related organizations, homebuilders, and industrial suppliers. The company, which was spun off from Home Depot in 2007 sells equipment such as pipes, fasteners, valves, and plumbing, electrical and building supplies, so it already boasts scale.

While the U.S. economic recovery since the Great Recession of 2008 has been in fits and starts, the housing market, which was in the eye of the storm, has shown steady improvement.

U.S. pending home sales in April showed a way better-than-expected improvement of 5.1% and new home sales also sprang to an 8-year high. So, as the demand for homes picks up, the requirement for supplies would also rise, working in favor of HD Supply.

Analysts expect stellar growth from the company in terms of earnings over the next five years as the recovery gains pace. At 35.27% annually for the next half a decade, HD Supply can far outperform the industry's 14% figure but is priced on par with the industry at a P/E of a little over 13.

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3. Arrow Electronics (ARW) - Get Report

Colorado-based Arrow Electronics the second largest distributor of electronic components in the world.

The company is poised to gain from the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), with the IoT device market poised to grow to over double the combined market size of smartphones, PCs, tablets, connected cars, and wearables combined. The company will make the most of the IoT market through strategic initiatives such as its partnership with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to stimulate disruptive innovation.

It is also making progress with its semi-autonomous motorcar (SAM), ushering in the next leg of innovation and growth in the booming technology space.

After growing earnings at an average rate of 7.22% annually for the last five years, Arrow is now poised to more than double that figure to almost 16% for the next five years.

At a P/E of 9.48, Arrow trades at less than half of the industry's P/E of 21.87 with earnings expectations that are a little below the industry's expected levels of 18.1%.

After stumbling at the start of the year to $45 levels, Arrow has gained 41% since then. Further, analysts from Goldman Sachs have maintained a "Buy" rating on the stock and Bank of America has initiated coverage with a "Buy" rating.

According to a Thomson Reuters analyst poll, even after its run over the past few years, some analysts expect the stock to rise over 30% from current levels to $83.


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This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held no positions in the stocks mentioned.