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BOSTON (TheStreet) -- A rumor- and risk-filled quarter comes to a close with headlines that Europe is finally getting its rickety house in order, which leads your quick fix of company, market, economic and investing news for Friday, Sept. 30, the last day of the third quarter.

The Big Story

This quarter that can be summed up best as "rumor on/rumor off." It's fitting, then, that we end September with a headline that

Europe has stepped back from the brink in the debt crisis

. I'm sure the headlines will have Europe back at the brink on Monday.


How bad was it for equities this quarter? Only a third of the stocks in the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

remain in positive territory for 2011.


A look at the current

state of the market


Upside Trader

Futures are indicating a lower open for equities, which isn't surprising. The

stock market falls

more often than it rises on the last day of the quarter.

Bespoke Investment

Quote of the Day

"The U.S. does not have a tax-rate problem -- we have a spending and entitlement problem. And if we do not address it quickly, we are going to be Greece," said

Jay Wright, managing director of Samco Capital Markets

, responding to a


poll that found 63% of investors approve the so-called "Buffett Tax."


Company News

Europe, pay attention:


(C) - Get Free Report


Bank of America

(BAC) - Get Free Report

were allowed to leave TARP too early.

Naked Capitalism

Speaking of Bank of America, perhaps the bank should remember that


(NFLX) - Get Free Report

lost 70% in market cap within two months of announcing a $5 price hike with no change in service.

Street Insider

In other bank news, we should probably start worrying about

Morgan Stanley

(MS) - Get Free Report

right about ... now.

FT Alphaville


(IBM) - Get Free Report

market value surpassed


(MSFT) - Get Free Report

for the first time since 1996. Not a big deal, until you remember Microsoft was worth three times as much as IBM in January 2000.



S&P Dow Jones Industrial 500 Average

doesn't really roll off the tongue. Get used to the idea, though:




CME Group

(CME) - Get Free Report

are negotiating a joint venture to combine indexing units.

Wall Street Journal


In a

bearish sign for equities

, the junk bond ETF broke support with a sharp decline and remains weak.


Something to keep in mind with bank earnings around the corner:

investment banking fees

at two-year lows.

Financial Times

Roddy Boyd takes on

Chinese reverse merger

engineer Benjamin Wey.

The Financial Investigator

Investment Strategy

Remarks from bond king

Jeff Gundlach

on everything from entitlements to the euro crisis to gold to stock indicators.

The Reformed Broker

Hedge funds will likely be cushioned from

widespread redemptions

because investors don't need the cash.

Financial News, via WSJ

Thinking about stepping into Netflix now after the recent plunge? Some say

Netflix is still a screaming short


Dragonfly Capital

Odds and Ends

We apparently needed a

study of Twitter

to tell us that work stinks and we like to go out drinking with friends. Who knew?

Washington Post

Self-promotion alert: if you need help this week picking NFL games, I offer you my

NFL picks against the spread

for Week 4.


It's Friday. Get excited for the weekend. To celebrate, here's a song that namedrops


in the chorus.


-- Written by Robert Holmes in Boston


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