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10 Things You Need to Know to Profit in 2000

<I>TSC</I> provides the only guide to 2000 that you'll need.
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OK, it's time to come out of your bunkers, pawn your shotguns, empty your mattresses and start thinking how to put all that money to work. As with every New Year, there are tons of theories about what investors need to know the most. But which are the most important?

That's where we come in. A few months back, we started pondering the coming year and, of course, we came up with just as many theories as anyone else. But we decided to boil them down to just a few, to pick the ones that looked the most important for investors in 2000. And then we put our reporters on the case, to dig into these issues.

The result is our "10 Things You Need to Know to Profit in 2000," which runs all this week. From the tech stocks that could become the next bellwethers, to the experts' choice for the best emerging markets story, we have it. And we have it in 10 cogent stories, two each day. Sample the ones that affect your portfolio or get an overview by reading them all. Either way, we think these stories will help set the stage for investing in 2000.

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