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10 Jobs That Aren't About Who You Know

Sometimes it doesn't matter where you go or who you know: Learn which careers are all about meritocracy here!

American Idolwas the most popular show on television. In fact, American Idol is the No. 1 and No. 2 highest-rated show upon it's finally on May 21.

There are many reasons why Americans love

American Idol,

but much of the appeal is that


is a distinctly American show. The show is a contest, and in an ideal world, democracy is the ultimate contest.

In Idol America anything is possible, and single mothers, disheveled hippies, and the most invisible and marginalized citizens (younger than 28) have as much access to fame and fortune as anyone, if only for one audition. There is no telling who will go through and who won't, and in this rare societal vacuum, money, beauty and connections don't matter.

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If every job in this country were based on merit, everything from our educational system to our political system would reflect the ideals of a meritocracy, with the best people in the highest positions, but unfortunately who you know is often more important than what you know.

Nevertheless, to read nine other jobs (besides

American Idol

contestant) based exclusively on hard work and natural ability

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