What's the plan for 2021?


At this point, it is crazy to think that 2021 is going to be a return to normal. Even if a vaccine magically appeared today it will take at least a year or longer to deploy to 330 million people much more for 7 billion around the world. Politicians are bickering about whether $600 or $200 (both amounts are tiny) while "Rome" burns - millions face evictions, won't have enough money to buy food or medicine, and I suspect crime will explode. Oh and winter is right around the corner so people will freeze to death too.

Here's the thing, if I am driving through the desert and I see a person dying of thirst, I would stop and render aid. If I am driving through the same desert and I see 10,000+ people dying of thirst, I keep driving. There are limits for everyone out there with or without money but no one is talking about it, why?

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Russell J
Russell J

If the people aren't able to go to work and taxes aren't being collected and kids aren't able to go to school it's going to continue this slow, steady, systematic decline.

There is no vaccine coming anytime soon no matter what they say.

The only rational choice is open the economy with common sense safeguards.
Then people like me can buy the mattress, pellet gun, kayak or truck they want and people can make and sell those things and taxes can be collected on those things.

If that doesn't happen this terrible situation just gets worse.

And yes people are going to continue to die from this virus...get used to it and don't support the CCP.


Well that's the point. If the powers that be said, "we are going to provide every American $1000/month" for all of 2021 to help get through CV19 then people can actually start making plans around purchasing things based on their priorities (food, medicine, car). Businesses can open and understand the level of income people have to price things accordingly (e.g. restaurants can't have $100 steak dinners if customers are only willing to pay $9 for meal). Right now, people don't know where their next $5 is going to come from so why even think about spending?

It sounds a bit socialist but that may need to be the short term solution to fill gap until we eradicate virus or have good treatment.


People will continue to get sick and some will die. And some of those who have few outward serious symptoms have serious internal effects (the heart is a cluster of ACE-2 receptors).

It's time for some compassion.

Live like you care about others--wear a mask, keep your distance, practice good hygiene. Don't be ignorant. Don't be an asshole.

The whole idea is to limit the damage until some resolution can be had. And yes, economic damage is a problem, but out-breaks are out-breaks, and stronger measures will be required then where out-breaks are occurring.

Don't participate in heedlessly in sending people faster into the illness, death and economic catastrophe that can result from this virus. Don't accelerate the virus effects because of your carelessness, ignorance or assholery.

There is no road-map out of this, and like I pointed out, early on, portions of the economy will blink on and blink off, depending on the severity of the virus in any one area or industry or school.

Yes, it is likely all of us will get ill from the virus someday if no vaccine. And all of will die some day, eventually of some cause. Just don't accelerate it.


By the way with your 10,000 people, that is where you get a larger organization, like say a compassionate government, that has the resources to mobilize well-digging, transportation, water-trucks, etc.

An effective and compassionate government structure is one typical answer to these large problems.

Because business doesn't care, and religion has done damn little....


Things are back to normal in Big Tech land, and I am beginning to see why Republicans are averse to sending more moolah.

Any new money will have to have some conditions attached like Muppets are not allowed to spend it on unnecessary things like new smart phones, new entertainments, etc

In fact I'd rather the government simply send the money to landlords. Muppets skipping rent to engage in shopping is not acceptable. Strategic forgetfulness of what "forbearance" means should not be tolerated. You can't suddenly say "No habla Ingles" when it's inconvenient for you.

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