Trump worried about election fraud


Saw trump whining about the election being rigged. If only he had known there was an election coming 3 years ago maybe something could have been done about it. Damn these crazy random elections that spontaneously show up. Trump could have done something about it but he has only been in office 3.5 years, and was too consumed by key issues: confederate flags, goya beans, golf, and not building a wall or not repealing obamacare. Fortunately trump knew coronavirus was a big democratic hoax so he didnt have to focus on that too much.

Oh well we should just forgo the election and let him stay in office forever because to do anything else would be so unfair.

/end sarcasm

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It’s a miracle that tRump The clown is still the president now.


Trump SHOULD be worried about fraud, his own anyway:

Funny that a man that is so used to using fraud and ill gotten gains by any means needed would be so focused on his belief that others are always using fraud to get what they want. So, anyone who thinks like that will justify election frauds of any type including begging Tsar Vladimir for "help" with his reelection yes?

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