Trump Renomination Closed to the Public and the Press


On August 21 the GOP will hold its convention, without the press.

Trump has gone 180 degrees on Republican convention attendance. His Renomination is Now Slated as Private.

Nominating conventions are traditionally meant to be media bonanzas, as political parties seek to leverage the attention the events draw to spread their message to as many voters as possible. If the GOP decision stands, it will mark the first party nominating convention in modern history to be closed to reporters.

“Given the health restrictions and limitations in place within the state of North Carolina, we are planning for the Charlotte activities to be closed press Friday, August 21 – Monday, August 24,” a convention spokeswoman said. “We are happy to let you know if this changes, but we are working within the parameters set before us by state and local guidelines regarding the number of people who can attend events."

The subset of delegates in Charlotte will be casting proxy votes on behalf of the more than 2,500 official delegates to the convention. Alternate delegates and guests have already been prohibited.

Did anyone expect this? Covid or not, I didn't. Trump has meetings with the press all the time.

This appears to be a North Carolina restriction that Trump cannot avoid.


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Have to wonder how the markets will react during the final stages of the campaign as reality hits if a Biden win, not favouring capital, and a weakening $ encouraging foreign capital to look elsewhere.

Big hit possible, 401k's hammered further, savings likely to increase to compensate etc.

GDP will be fantastic - not.

On the other hand a sly Trump win could mean an even larger disconnect of markets to reality = massive sell oppirtunity.

All means a final breakdown is likely sooner or later - all dependent on the odds of the candidates.


"This appears to be a North Carolina restriction that Trump cannot avoid."
The news organizations cold send in 1 pool reporter.

Dodge Demon
Dodge Demon

I'd vote for another Gorbachev. Dismantle this mad, rabid dog of what used to be a country. The politicians are a mere reflection of the most of the people, though the mass media does a great job fooling around with fun house mirrors, too.

Funny how the mantra "we are now so divided" fails to look at the other side of the coin, when"we were so united", the latter times of the past 3 decades were all at times of instigated and / or inflamed b.s. wars:

Saddam and Kuwait drinking each other's milkshake on a border mineral rights dispute in early 1990s spun as Saddam's "naked aggression".

Sticking nose into Yugoslav breakup in mid-90s.

Saddam responsible for 9-11-2001; oh wait, that was the other guy with the long beard on a dialysis machine in a cave.

Saddam with WMDs in 2003 which still have not been found.

The UN soldier holding poor dead child washed ashore in Syria, a.k.a. pipe-line-a-stan.

Droning of foreign and U.S. citizens in Middle East, especially to liven up an otherwise dull wedding party. Damn that Manning, Snowden and Assange!!! Something all of Team Blue and Team Red always seem to agree on.

Ukraine / Crimea / Russia whitewash of a half millennia of history of that piece of real estate; another pipe-line-a-stan, inconsequential to all here, except for those with billions of dollars of investments.

At no point does anybody but a small minority of citizens object to any of these wars, the deaths of U.S. solders, foreign soldiers and foreign locals. The wasting of $trillions of the wealth of the nation on top of that, though many at the top all profited mightly.

Epic moral failure past 2 generations, though WWI and Korea / Viet Nam don't let prior generations off the hook, either.

If this country is not dismantled peacefully then Providence should take other means. I will vote for that, if its on the ballot.


The upcoming GOP Convention is it’s funeral, as the GOP catastrophically collapses in polls across the country.

Naturally, in the time of COVID, attendance at funerals is restricted to members of the immediate family. “Nominating Trump” is an exercise in futility... he is on track to lose by Mondalesque proportions.

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