Trump Re-Tweets Video of Florida Man Shouting "White Power"


Trump re-Tweeted a video of a racially-charged protest and counter-protest in Florida, then deleted his Tweet.

Pro and Anti-Trump Seniors Clash in Florida

Warning: this is a profanity-laced video start to finish. 

White Power

At the 8 second mark, a man in a golf cart shouts "White Power" twice in response to a parade bystander asking "where is your white hood?"

NPR has additional details.

In the video, apparently taken at The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, people wearing Trump shirts and with Trump signs on their golf carts drive by protesters yelling insults at them and about the president.

Trump retweeted the video, which was shared by an unknown Twitter user, and said, "Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe [Biden] is shot. See you soon!!!"

In a statement, Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary, did not apologize for the tweet or condemn the racist term but said instead: "President Trump is a big fan of The Villages. He did not hear the one statement made on the video. What he did see was tremendous enthusiasm from his many supporters."

Hard to Believe

Given the critical moment was a mere 8 seconds into the video and distinctly loud, It is hard to believe Trump did not hear that man shouting "white power". 

Exceptionally Poor Judgement

Moreover, it is impossible to believe Trump did not hear all that profanity. 

And given all the profanity, Trump showed exceptionally poor judgement in his re-Tweet.

A far better defense would have been to say Trump retweeted the video without playing it. It's now too late for that.

GOP Senator Tim Scott Reacts

Scott refused to play politics with the video only saying the "whole thing was offensive" and Trump should take it down.

Trump is Behind in Every Recent Battleground Poll

On June 25, I noted Trump is Behind in Every Recent Battleground Poll

Biden’s improved polling in battleground states comes from a cross-section of demographic groups, but the Times poll shows the most significant movement comes among White voters -- especially college-educated ones -- and young people. He’s also flipped voters age 65 and older to his column, which helps to explain his standing in Florida and Arizona.

Only 31% of battleground voters approve of Trump’s response to the Floyd protests, and 63% say they would rather that the president address the causes of discriminatory policing than cracking down on protesters.

Trump is Trailing Badly in All Recent Florida Polls: Why?

Yesterday, I noted Trump is Trailing Badly in All Recent Florida Polls: Why?

What's Happening?

A Fox News story and poll provides a set of answers that Trump supporters do not want to hear: Biden Leads in Florida as Trump Lags Among Seniors.

By wide margins, Florida voters prefer Biden to Trump to manage immigration (50-40 percent), coronavirus (49-36 percent), and race relations (52-34 percent).

Trump Behind in Texas 

Four Fox News Polls

TDS Types Explained

  1. TDS Type I: Trump can do no right.
  2. TDS Type II: Trump can do no wrong. 

TDS Type II is Rampant

Those inflicted with TDS Type II generally believe the polls are all wrong and it is impossible or nearly impossible for Trump to lose.  The disease is rampant.

They note Trump won in 2016 and believe their man is ahead. 

TDS Type II is rampant. Of course, so is Type I.

Not 2016

Those afflicted with Type II note that Trump won in 2016 despite trailing in the polls. 

This is what they miss.

  1. The 2016 polls were not that wrong. The polls were within margins of error. 
  2. Nine points is not within margin of error. 
  3. Trump trails in four Wisconsin polls by a minimum of 9 points. 
  4. Trump trails in three Michigan polls by a minimum of 11 points. 
  5. Trump trails in three Pennsylvania by a minimum of 10 points.
  6. Hillary was widely hated. Hatred of Biden is not that widespread.
  7. Trump barely won and were it not for a last-second gift from Comey, it is reasonable to assume Trump would have lost. 
  8. Fox News is not distorting its polls. 

Anyone who does not understand the above points has TDS Type II. 

Foot in Mouth Disease

Trump badly handled Floyd and Covid-19. He has a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease.

His re-Tweet today of a racially charged Tweet involving "white power" and massive amounts of profanity is nearly guaranteed to further erode support from seniors and independents still sitting on the fence. 

Not Impossible For Trump to Win

Despite the above, it is not impossible for Trump to win. Rather, it is unlikely and increasingly unlikely.

It will take a clean sweep of every close state and a turnaround in Pennsylvania and Florida for Trump to win. 

Anyone who says that is impossible has TDS Type I.

For further discussion and a current map of where things are state-by-state, please see Trump is Trailing Badly in All Recent Florida Polls.


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I think it is useful to get the Trump Apologist's Creed in before some of the usual suspects swoop in to do so, so here you go:

"Trump didn't say that. And if he did, he didn't mean that. And if he did, you didn't understand what he meant. And if you did, it's not a big deal. And if it is, others have still said and done worse."

Russell J
Russell J

Calling out someones inappropriate behavior while ignoring someone else's inappropriate behavior is illogical.

Those people showed up to the old folks trump parade to antagonize and stir up sh!t. They were successful and had the cameras going to record it.

Incredibly inappropriate tweet by trump whether he heard it or not, but he is what he is.


tRump did it tongue-in-cheek


tRump wins again by dividing the seniors!


Market underpricing president Joe Biden fall 40%

Mr. Purple
Mr. Purple



I really think Trump knows what he is doing and is trying to appeal to hard core base. Unfortunately that will not be enough to get him elected. Also the fact that he exhibits such poor judgement along with some of his recent statements about testing too much suggest he has lost it.


Why is the retweet so bad?
It is how Donnie Fatso™ really feels.
Next, he will tweet: Putin's bounty on USA soldiers is good. (Keeps them alert.)


I think it is less likely that he will run.

It's not because of the polls. The country is barely out of the covid woods and the Globalistas have engendered mayhem across the land. It's the most chaotic, unpleasant period since the post JFK assassination years.

So much so that:
there is ZERO possibility of anything approach a reasonably fair election;
there is ZERO possibility that whatever result is published it will be accepted by more than half the population;
there is ZERO possibility that it won't be contested in dozens of jurisdictions;
there is ZERO possibility that the adjudications of those contested jurisdictions won't be met with disbelief, scorn, outrage.
There is ZERO possibility that even were Trump to win, he would receive any good will from the Resistance, who already ruined his first Presidency with merciless lies and outrageously unfair and treasonous attacks;
There is ZERO possibility that they will not escalate Resistance after the election, promoting riots throughout the country, with Democrat Mayors, Governors and PD Chiefs standing down, and Military Brass refusing to help.

Therefore, Trump is facing a No Win Scenario.
Therefore, I don't think he will run.

Unless he can pull a rabbit out of the hat.
Trump is a master of the Reality TV story arc.
The Presidency and a Presidential election with pandemic and insurrection is screaming good material.
He is down and out.
What he is doing now (Gladiator Sea Snake speech):

Sub-poenas in Senate are coming with testimony that cannot go against recently released material proving treason beyond any doubt at all;
Indictments will be forthcoming.
At that point, the opposition will have a choice.
They will either surrender for this cycle and admit guilt, or they will double down with more mayhem and outrage. Probably it depends a lot on the media: if they convey to the non-partisan middle the depth of the treason and sedition against this President and the country, then maybe the fuel for rioting will be lacking and people will insist that a more reasonable approach be taken, that fair elections and good will be the name of the game.

Nah... they will all double down. The country will go to the dogs.

Trump will pull out.

PS Unlikely Positive Scenario #2:

Trump withdraws candidacy and endorses [Drumroll]
Exonerated General Flynn, fully rehabilitated after proof of the crimes perpetrated against him are fully aired (in next few weeks).
After this is digested by the public, those Independents and moderate Dems disgusted enough will vote for Flynn over Biden who helped perpetrated the crimes against Flynn and Trump - aka Treason.

Flynn will get a landslide victory.
He will appoint Trump as Infrastructure Tsar.
Trump will enjoy 4 years of rebuilding the country and will do an excellent job getting the best value, things coming in under budget and early as is usual with his operation.

The Republic will be saved.

President Q will save the day!


The Republican party needs to throw him off the island. I wonder if some faithless elector states will nominate someone else at the GOP convention.


He was clearly giving a sarcastic response to an instigator. Mish is nothing but a shit starter.


Yea if the elections were held tomorrow, Trump would be finished.


Looking in as an outsider from across the water, what does that guy have to do or say to get kicked to the kerb (or curb as you folks say) by the GOP? Surely they could do a deal to let someone else run, who would guarantee a pardon if he/she won?

I genuinely fear the prospect of a completely deranged Trump in full denial mode after losing in November, declaring that up is down, red is green, he won the election and asking "how do I point the missiles at California and the other dissenting states?".

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to have someone only as flawed as Boris, sitting on a massive majority over here.


Are all members of the NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People racists? What about the NAAWP? Lets all be hypocrites and stupid at the same time. To end racism stop using race to describe a fellow human being but the political media and money interests will never stop driving us to .The Deep State in DC rules

Russell J
Russell J

After watching that video everyone loses it, goes into overdrive screaming racist thinking thats the problem while ignoring the real issue. Look at the way those people were acting. THATS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR. Thats TDS. If those miserable assh#les weren't there screaming "nazi" and screaming accusations about people they don't even know and standing in front of vehicles in the street its practically assured he never would have thought or said that.

It was clearly said in jest.


Interesting that the Democrat liberals were the aggressive protesters trying to squelch free speech and stop the parade of Trump supporters. When will the Libs boycott the NAACP an obviously racist organization---Media lays guilt on the stupid


Nothing is impossible but Trump is doing everything to lose - because he only cares about locking in loyalty from a small electoral base but those people are a big future media base. He will take the Republican Party down with him. Trump only cares about monetizing this. it’s a lot better for his media future if the Republicans get wiped out because then he has more Democrats to attack when he moves his act to television. If you look at everything through this lens then it all makes sense. The Republican politicians cannot protect their party. They had their chance in impeachment and squandered it. Now he owns them.


Some debate if a President can even legally delete a tweet...
it being presidential record-ish and all...
meanwhile King Chaos has deleted 875 tweets per the following site...

If there were such a thing as a disinformation horror film...
this is the part where someone says "it is coming from inside the white house".


Trump stop piddling around and Start Draining the SWAMP!
Payroll Tax Cut Holiday and turn it Permanent.

If I hear one more comment that all these bailouts are on the Tax payer I will go nuts! None of this will ever be paid back by the tax payer. That is the problem!


Mish is a tool for for the technokrauts and their kleptocracy.
Gonna be hilarious when tRumptard wins and the real nagger in Mish removes his mask. SO FUN!

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