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Eddie_T, I have a sneaking suspicion that Biden will pardon him the same way Ford pardoned Nixon.

It would be one of the most extreme poitical bets in my lifetime.

Biden needs to appear to the minority right to be open and forgiving if he has any chance of ending their attempts to work outside the law. Will it work? I doubt it, but the current madness on the right demands it has to be at least tried, because the alternative is a self reinforcing culture of violent terrorism by propaganda brainwashed militia types that will require some pretty extreme solutions to deal with.

Biden could pardon Trump and still see him in prison, just as we learned in the cult's favorite book: When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. Matthew 27:24

He fobbed the job of convicting onto another court. So, it is an election day miracle; ME quoting their book of madness.

He can pardon Trump on federal charges using the same rationale as Ford when he pardoned Nixon, but I am afraid that when he does he will also become a lame duck in his first term just as Ford became, and the voters never forgave him for it. He will defeat the purpose of doing it and so the problems will only fester. Those that supported radicals like Sanders will just say "see, I told you Biden is a DINO who could not be trusted."

One of the real problems is you cannot straight faced pardon the circus's ringmaster but still prosecute all the clowns. A pardon of Trump would effectively let people like DeJoy and Barr and Giuliani off the hook as well.

I think today we will see that the US is not really viable for much longer. I think our fate was sealed when Trump lost the popular vote but won the electoral college, the fifth time that happened and every single time the minority party won in spite of losing the popular elections it was to the benefit of the republicans.

That is never going to happen again and the USA remain intact, it would have to become a violent police state dictatorship and Trump has laid that groundwork very well.

If Biden is not sworn in after winning the poopular vote you better make alternative retirement plans. The real question is how do you defeat the Trumpist cult going forward. Putting him in prison will probably not weaken it at all but reinforce their crazy. On the other hand letting the criminal cabal off the hook will so damage the left's perception of fair government we may end up with a far bigger problem than the nutso religious far fringe fascist right deciding to use terrorism via it's militias.

I do not envy Biden's path. And if this election is subverted the only possible way for Trump to control the nation is by turning it into a dictatorship for real, civil disobedience by the majority cannot be countered any other way. In short, if you thought 2020 was insane my advice is buckle up buttercup.


Eddie, now that Trump has lost this post of yours is now more pertinent than when you posted it, and thanks.

Are you enjoying Trump's loss as much as I am?


I'm cautiously optimistic. I still have some trepidation....some fear..... that the election process could somehow be corrupted.

And it bothers me that too many of my countrymen are still worshipping at the altar of a false prophet like Trump.

I just watched
a video Sam Harris made the night before the election in which he talked about Trump's massive spite of his constant lying and his obvious lack of empathy, his narcissism, his greed...all his he said.... make him completely unfit. I recommend it.

I'll even post a link...but if it self destructs you can find it I'm sure.

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