Trump, and strange Assad story


First Trump denied it Now he admits it on FOX & FRIENDS.

Mattis doesn't say no, he povides feedback and gives options. It's Trump's choice. But in that same interview when asked if he regrets not doing it , he says he does not. So he's upset about a decision he supported?

This story was reported back in 2018. Trump denied it with Nikki Haley backing him up and now he admits it on FOX & FRIENDS

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I'm not surprised but I thought Trump wanted to untangle the US from the middle east in general. Ironic that the department Trump criticized is actually the one that stopped a potential assassination of Syria. Putin probably didnt want it either given the foothold Russia now has there. So more confusion from the Donald all around. It is an window into him that he wants to kill leaders of countries ( no matter how bad they might be). More Trump pining over wanting to be like Putin his guru and mentor. In the meantime Iran is likely going to kill a US ambassador somewhere in the world soon. I dont think this is what these people signed up for when going to work for Trump but this might explain why some resigned their posts after Trump ordered the killing of Qaassem Solemani