Too Corrupt To Fail [T]he corrupt organization or system becomes too corrupt to fail, as everyone…


Too Corrupt To Fail

[T]he corrupt organization or system becomes too corrupt to fail, as everyone has some reason to protect it. For some at the heart of the corruption, the reason is obvious, but all around them are people who fear being shamed for having said nothing or fear being implicated for having looked the other way. The fallacy of the sunk cost becomes an operating principle. Everyone assumes there can be no turning back, so the corruption accelerates until eventually it does collapse.

Something similar is happening with the fake whistle blower story. The system saw that Trump people were looking into the Biden stuff. Instinctively the system responds with the fake whistle blower, so the democrats can bellow about impeachment, rather than defend Joe Biden. Why not just let this very corrupt old man go down in flames so Warren can be the nominee? The thoroughly corrupt organization lacks the ability to sacrifice any part of itself, so it instinctively defends the whole.

This video of Rudy Giuliani talking about the Biden corruption is interesting for a number of reasons. One is the level of corruption. It does appear China bought Joe Biden, while he was Vice President. Putting that aside, Giuliani seems to be realizing, as he is talking, that Washington is just like the organized crime he prosecuted back when he was making a name for himself in New York. It is an organism whose purpose, in addition to the corruption, is to defend itself against exposure.

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William Janes
William Janes

First, it is not a "whistleblower" case, it is an old fashioned leak. Is it a "whistleblower" case if someone in Janet Lynch's Attorney General office had released information on the fake Steele File(Dossier) was being handed around and used as a basis for attacking the Trump campaign.

As for Hunter Biden, what Ukrainian prosecutors say or don't say is completely irrelevant to the Biden corruption story. Who can tell about the integrity of any Ukrainian prosecutor, it is a smoke screen. Hunter Biden was employed for one reason and one reason only, Access to Joe Biden and the White House. All of Hunter Biden's "services" were performed in the United States. Any investigation would be in the U.S. with Ukraine officials as a witnesses.

Trump's conversations with the Ukrainian President: that is a mere sideshow. Trump is a useful tool to carry out necessary policies in regards to China, Immigration, Economic Policies, and stopping the Left Wing's hunger for increased State Power. Reintroduce standards and discipline in our country.

Country Bob
Country Bob

The parallels between organized crime and Washington DC are troubling. Not sure how many US voters made the explicit connection that Guilianni did, but we have all come to realize that Washington DC is mostly corrupt (both parties).

The organized crime that is Washington DC is why we elected Trump to drain the swamp. We didn't elect Trump because he is a saint (he is not a saint), we elected him to drain the swamp.

And the swamp doesn't like it anymore than organized crime liked being pushed out of Manhattan into New Jersey. NJ is bankrupt, and not as lucrative to steal from.

After being exposed in Libya and Iraq, the DC swamp dwellers were expanding into Ukraine... Biden got careless and exposed the scam before the swamp dwellers really got it going.

I'm not sure about a lot of the things Trump is doing. And I don't know how much he is exposing the swamps' corruption on purpose vs by accident.

I do know that sunlight is a great way to get rid of cock roaches, so it doesn't matter to me why or how Trump exposes the swamp dwellers. The corruption needs to stop.

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