The Growing Darkness A dark age is always imagined to be a period when the stock of human knowledge…


The Growing Darkness

A dark age is always imagined to be a period when the stock of human knowledge stagnates or even declines. Another way to think of a dark age is one in which the people are unable to manage the complexity bequeathed to them. As a result, society goes through a period of retrenchment.

Somewhere in the last century or maybe the prior century, people in the West began to lose the ability to control their institutions. By control, it should be understood to mean the knowledge of how they work and why they were created. It is one thing to know how to use the toilet. It is another thing to understand public sanitation and the reason it is a vital public service. People in the West no longer seem to know why their institutions exist or how they must be maintained in order to properly function.

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The masses are distracted by cheap devices, divisive mediacoverage and celebrityculture. Dumbed down people rarely see clearly how corrupt and inept our politicians really are...Of course all the people on this blog excluded.


The term "dark age" is used to justify omitting the teaching of certain periods of history. Students, at least in the US, are not taught anything about the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Crusades, as if nothing of significance happened during that time period. This conveniently allows them to omit the period of the expansion of Islam, and then portray Christianity as a religion of war, invading a peaceful, happy Palestine for no good reason. It also gives them no context for comparing modern"Radical Islam" to Islam as it was practiced back in the "Dark Ages".

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