The Dark Horse is Hillary


Will America elect a man who has obvious symptoms of dementia? I don't think so. Biden will drop out and be replaced by...whom? Kamala? I can't see it. I have a feeling they'll go with that old warhorse Hillary.

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Don't worry. Trump is ready for that. He'll counter by dropping out and having Ivanka Trump be his replacement.

Sexy blonde vs old warhorse. Ivanka will wipe the floor with Hillary.

Next day is WWIII though because Kushner will give carte blanche for Israel to invade Iran.

Looks like winning all around for everyone.

Or maybe QAnon will be President. It's hard to tell nowadays or even matters like who the President will be. The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer and that's all it's every going to be.


They already elected a man with obvious signs of dementia so that isn't a block.