More anti-social behavior from the left/Marxist's

Russell J

At some point its going to be undeniable to anyone this isn't a peaceful movement for fair treatment by law enforcement.

This is a marxist movement, led by admitted "trained marxist's" to destabilize life in America, and presumably overthrow/replace the government.

Theres footage of 2 people with pistols in this article on either side of the intersection.

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If you bothered to read real news instead of ZH BS you might see no-one was reported to be shot.

Don't be such a low-info person spreading rumors.

And what are you saying.. 2nd Amendment for those you like and none for others?

If you want widespread gun ownership, this is what you can expect.

...PROVO — Protests against police brutality in Provo took a tense turn Monday night as a white Ford Excursion pushed through a line of protesters blocking traffic at the intersection of North University and Center Street and a gunshot was reported.

Roughly 100 people took to Center Street on Monday protesting police brutality, the latest demonstration in weeks of protests across the Beehive state. However, what demonstrators say was a peaceful protest appeared to turn violent, with protesters claiming multiple cars tried to ram into them and Provo police investigating the gunshot report.

“Right now we have the reports of some shots being fired, so we’re just looking into that right now,” said Provo Police Sgt. Nisha King.....

Russell J
Russell J

I thought I'd add this so you can stay up to date...I get the sense you consider yourself as very informed/intelligent.

They have arrested 2 people and charged the shooter with attempted aggravated murder.


fake news sites. lets' hear about the anti-social behavior coming out of 1600 pensylvania ave.

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