Good Mike Bloomberg interview. Word's matter. Links Brexit and Trump. Talks about experienced vs…

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Awesome interview, gun control works just look at Mexico and Venezuela. Not only will background checks stop mass murders they should outlaw assault rifles because all rifles are involved with 400 murders/year. BTW the mass murderes passed background checks. DUH. I am also advocating for knife control which are used in 1500 murders/year. This will work as well as outlawing alcohol to stop drunk driving deaths. WHAT IDIOTS.


Bloomberg is the former mayor of NYC who didn't understand that Staten Island and parts of Queens are both part of NYC. As NYC mayor, he ignored damage from storm Sandy to both NYC boroughs for more than a year, before residents (and taxpayers and voters) canceled the NYC marathon right out from underneath his dishonorableness. Bloomberg protested, but ultimately the runners had no interest running through storm debris and angry residents - so the marathon was canceled.

And while all of NYC was being pounded by storm Sandy, this coward had fled to his private estate on Bermuda using his private airplane. As mayor, he left NYC to fend for itself.

This guy had no idea what was happening in the city he was supposedly mayor of. Why anyone wants his opinion about bigger issues is a mystery.

Media weenies at CBS are kissing his butt hoping for a job at Bloomberg news after CBS news gets more downsizing. That is what this Face the Nation appearance was really about


And as @hmk pointed out already, Nanny Mikey's delusions of gun control would be just as effective as the existing laws against illegal immigrants, and the laws against selling and "importing" narcotics, and the laws against human trafficking of underage girls on the Bill Clinton / Jeff Epstein Lolita Express.

Chicago, a city with the toughest gun control laws in the country, just had yet another mass shooting. Six people dead. Its such a regular event in Chicago that it barely made the news.

But for a guy like Bloomberg who didn't know Staten Island was part of NYC, reality isn't a consideration.

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