Fox breaks rank with Donald Trump


Fox breaks rank with Donald Trump.

1st by advising its followers not to listen to the president and take the drugs he is taking as it could kill them.

And 2nd a new Fox poll finds that Biden is ahead by 8 points more than the 3 points margin of error for.

They also find that his approval rating of the way he is handling the pandemic has dropped to an all time low of 39%.

Trumps loyalty goes as far as it could benefit him, and foxes doing the same thing to Trump. They are thinking how they're going to get out of this with minimal damage after the elections.

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The news operation has always acted independently of the opinion operation. So there's two hours a day of balance and 22 hours of FOX & Friends , Hannity etc promoting Trump and carrying his water.


@Silver2021 - wise analysis. In business there are no long term friends (unless there's a contractual relationship). Fox wisely, for business reasons, decided to cater to the Red states (just like CNN caters to the Blue states), and now, seeing the writing on the wall, is backing away, for business reasons. Crazy as a fox...and predictable.

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