Trump under investigation for bank and insurance fraud in New York, new court filing suggests
Tim O'Donnell
August 3, 2020, 3:53 PM

So, a butt load of fresh scandal for the orange asshat just in time to go into the election cycle with people starting early voting in PA in just 11 days.

Trump tried to quash the subpoena in New York but the SCOTUS ruled against him saying that his presidential immunity did not protect him from criminal investigations by the states. One wonders if this would extend to arrest by states, I mean it is logical that if states have the power to investigate a sitting president for his or her crimes they should also have the ability to arrest one. Or at least issue a warrant so that that president basically cannot set foot in that state without being subject to arrest and prosecution. To deny a state its rights in that way would set up a constitutional crisis of the first order.

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....YEAH sure....let s swap him with yet another crook .....


If he doesn't stay in office, he is going to get prosecuted in federal court for nearly everything under the sun. His only hope is to declare martial law.