Do NOT Vote By Mail, Trap is Set


An apparent victory for Democrats in Pennsylvania and North Carolina may be an illusion.

On Wednesday, the WSJ noted the Supreme Court Declines to Disturb Ballot Deadlines in North Carolina, Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to disturb extended ballot deadlines in the battleground states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania, leaving the states more time to receive mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day.

The court’s newest justice, Amy Coney Barrett, didn’t participate in either decision “because of the need for a prompt resolution” and because she hasn’t had time to fully review the parties’ filings, a court spokeswoman said.

In the North Carolina litigation, the justices denied Republican requests to block a decision by state elections officials to extend the deadline for accepting mail-in ballots until Nov. 12, a six-day extension of the date set by the legislature.

On Friday, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, backed by the Trump campaign, asked the Supreme Court to hear and decide its challenge before Election Day, Nov. 3. The motion was unusual in that only days earlier, the Supreme Court, by a 4-4 vote, had refused to block the three-day extension.

Justice Alito issued a statement saying “there is a strong likelihood that the State Supreme Court decision violates the Federal Constitution,” but the proximity of Election Day made it impractical to decide the issue now. 

Impractical to Decide Now?!

When the hell is it "practical"? 

After the election perhaps, when it too damn late?

This matter should have been 100% settled. 

Amy Coney Barrett didn’t participate in either decision “because of the need for a prompt resolution” and because she hasn’t had time to fully review the parties’ filings, a court spokeswoman said.

Which is it? 

Prompt Resolution? or Time to Review?

If the Supreme Court agrees to take the case after the election there will not be a "prompt resolution" by definition.

What's been resolved? 

We would only have resolution if Barrett proclaimed this case was resolved or she would continue to recuse herself. 

The Trap is Set

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, informed the court that local elections officials had been directed to segregate ballots received after the Election Day deadline.

Trump deputy campaign manager and senior counsel Justin Clark said Mr. Shapiro’s decision to segregate ballots is “a big victory.’’

He added: “The Pennsylvania Secretary of State saw the writing on the wall and voluntarily complied with our injunction request,’’ which will “ensure they will not be counted until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on our petition.’’ 

Justice Alito cited that move in his statement, saying that it would allow “a targeted remedy,” such as invalidating the late-delivered votes, should the court take up the case after Election Day.

Targeted Theft

If it appears Pennsylvania may decide the election, the Supreme Court will hear the case and Barrett will likely say discard the ballots.

If it appears Pennsylvania will not decide the election, Barrett would either let the decision stand or more likely, the Supreme Court would not hear further challenges. 

Do NOT Vote by Mail, Time is Up

The time to safely vote by mail has expired. 

Team Trump will do anything and everything to make sure the votes are not delivered on time. They will also reject every possible signature. 

The only saving grace is the Biden blowout is likely to be so big that theft will not matter.

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With 5 ays to go before the election its too late to vote by mail. Simple as that.
I do have a hard time believing the Supreme Court will throw away mass numbers of votes for few reasons.
First the optics are terrible, second voting is traditionally decide by the states. I think John Roberts will do his best to ensure the court is not seen as taking a political stand. Up to now its the one institution Americans view as being least political. That would all change if they were to do something so overt.


There needs to be a line somewhere. I think a postmark by the date of the election sounds reasonable.

In 20 years this election won’t matter at all. What might end up mattering is the changing of our voting system that from a technical standpoint has been pretty much unaltered.

Not knowing the outcome of an election for weeks or months seems unreasonable to me. It also opens the door for corruption.


I voted early and in person for many reasons but Republican voter suppression was #1 reason. There is a great documentary on HBOMax, 537 Votes, about the Bush v Gore election and how dirty republican tricks effectively stole the election from Gore.

I won't be surprised if republican scumbags try the same thing here.

Lance Manly
Lance Manly

Obviously for PA the way to go is a drop box site.

(deleted message)

Two thirds of the requested mail-in ballots in PA have already been received.....and going by voter registration, the Dems have outvoted the Republicans (plus various other parties) by a factor of two to one.

So only about a million mail-in ballots are even out there...and I'd bet most Democrats have already got their ballots in....just because they all expected some kind of swindle.

A million ballots is one ninth of the registered voters in PA. With Biden leading in the polls by 5%, it seems unlikely that throwing this back into the courts after the election will be worth it.


If Trump wins the left will scream voter fraud. If Biden wins the right will scream suppression/fraud.

Am I he only sane one left? Either way this goes half will lose faith in the system.

As Mish has said before, in government there is no measure more permanent than a temporary measure. Is mail in voting a good long term idea?


Sources: Gina Raimondo Being Considered as Biden’s Treasury Secretary
The Rhode Island governor would not be a popular selection among progressives or organized labor.


Both sides are doing everything possible to win. Singling out one party as being dishonest is asinine.


Trap is a good word for it Mish, it is quite possible that we could see Joe Biden win the election and by a whisker win in Pennsylvania or North Carolina, only to have those votes tossed out later and the election results overturned. I can speak only for myself but I would very likely sell or even walk away from my house and leave the US for good if that happens because I do not want to be here when the shooting starts and it will. Florida will be one of the worst places to be when it all goes belly up. If anyone here thought the riots in the spring and summer were bad just wait till Trump finds a way to steal this election. It will be chaos and a lot of people will die. It will devolve and get worse till we no longer remain a viable nation outside of a far right police state. There will be no coming back from what Trump the GOP are planning, the only question is will they blink.... THIS TIME!

They are fascists and fascists do not give up that easily, there is way too much at stake for them to just say oh bother, let the will of the people rule the nation. Not going to happen. Especially when so many of those "people" are Mexican, black, uppity women, gay married couples, and other "low life" scum in the eyes of our corporate masters.

Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon

I remember working to get Republicans elected in 1992 handing out "character matters" bumper stickers. The GOP would be laughed out of the room today handing those out.


The now sitting Republicans are scum !

I don't need a court ruling or a psychiatrists degree to figure that one out.

These Rerpub's are Liars,Cheaters laced with a huge dose of No Integrity.

Winning at all costs,...even if the devil takes your soul,..and it has.

I'm no fan of the Dem's either !

As my friend George Carlin has stated,..."SameSuit, Different Tie."



Jeff44 just had every comment he ever made deleted.
10 replies to Jeff just flew out the window as well

Dodge Demon
Dodge Demon

Mish, there is nothing like receiving a Lillian Vernon catalog in the mail!


Is anyone out there prepared for a huge Trump win, then your mail fraud theories are baseless.
By the way Rioting and fascists activists have so far been 95% democrats

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