YouGov Final Projection: Conservative Majority by 28


YouGov's much awaited final prediction is out: A conservative majority of 28.

Please see YouGov's Election Centre model for final projections.

48 Seat Changes

YouGov Tory Pickups

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12 of those gains are within the 0-4 point margin of error.

YouGov LibDem, SNP, Labour Gains Final

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9 Tory losses are also easily within the margin of error.

In all 23 seats are in the 0-4 point range.

Tories are involved in 21 of them.

Hung Parliament

If one believes YouGov is correct, a hung parliament is easily within the margin of error.

I will make my final projections shortly.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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At least people will be encouraged to vote as it doesn’t seem as if there’ll be a run away winner.


I think will be Bo Jo blow out. Nurses and NHS workers are fuming with Labours' fake news. A quote from a friend on Facebook in Manchester UK

"When I saw the picture of the little boy on the floor in hospital I knew it was staged!! As I have worked for the NHS for nearly 32 years we do not nurse patients on the floor!! Shocking what people will do!"

1.2 million people are directly employed by the NHS, if they can't stomach the Tories I think many will stay at home.

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