World's Highest Rate of Child Detention Under Obama


A UN study shows the “U.S. has world’s highest rate of children in detention". That was under the Obama administration.

Unacceptable Headline

Of course, such a headline is politically unacceptable.

Thus, the UN Withdrew the Study.

A Nov. 18 story headlined “U.S. has world’s highest rate of children in detention -U.N. study” is withdrawn. The United Nations issued a statement on Nov. 19 saying the number was not current but was for the year 2015. No replacement story will be issued.

Story Pulled in Multiple Places

Not only did the UN pull the story, Reuters and Agence France-Presse also killed the story.

Oops, can't scandalize the wrong guy can we?

Border Dilemmas Are the Same for Trump or Obama

The Wall Street Journal reports Border Dilemmas Are the Same for Trump or Obama

Most of those turning up at our border and applying for refuge will surely be deported, insists the president’s hardhearted official spokesman. Oh wait. That was Obama spokesman Josh Earnest, referring in 2014 to unaccompanied minors showing up at the southern border: “It’s unlikely that most of those kids will qualify. . . . They will be sent back.”

Still, the current administration’s fans gallingly argue that failing to deport immigration offenders will only encourage more to come: “There is nothing humanitarian in tacitly encouraging tens of thousands of children to risk their lives, often at the hands of cutthroat smugglers, to enter this country illegally.”

Oh wait, that was the Washington Post editorializing in July 2014. As the paper went on to note approvingly: “During the past 14 years, under presidents Bush and Obama, the United States has sent more than 9,000 additional Border Patrol agents to the Southwest frontier, more than doubling the force there. It has built more than 600 miles of fencing; installed almost 12,000 underground sensors; and deployed scores of aircraft, drones and boats.”

When you put it that way, Mr. Trump’s wall sounds merely incremental. Mr. Trump may not be less cynical than other politicians, but he layers on less hypocrisy. This offends.

Proposed Solutions

  1. WSJ author Holman Jenkins, Jr. Solution: Start by welcoming any migrant prepared to post a refundable $5,000 border deposit. Overnight this would drain profits from the people traffickers. The money could be used to sponsor English instruction and other programs to help newcomers. By making the sum refundable, workers would receive an incentive to return home with their skills and capital to help their own countries.
  2. Australia's Solution: According to Emigrate Australia, Australia accepts skilled migrants under the age of 45, with a profession on the Australian skills shortage list. Australia also accepts permanent residency by investment. That means, you need to have enough money.

Australia's solution is far stricter than the proposal of Jenkins.

One Democrat on Right Track

Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana, and Democrat 2020 candidate has the right idea: "We’ve got 100,000 people showing up at the border right now. If we decriminalize entry, if we give health care to everyone, we’ll have multiples of that.

Miserable Conditions

The lead image is from Facts Behind the Detention of Immigrants

I have no doubt that conditions are miserable and detentions are up under Trump.

But why?

Assessing the Blame

The current Democrat House will not fund the wall nor fund money for more detention centers. Child misery servers the Democrats well in this election campaign. The more misery the better. And Democrats openly encouraged migrants to come.

Trump is also to hugely to blame. On January 24, 2018, Democrats offered Trump $20 billion for a wall in return for amnesty. That was a fantastic deal in Trump's lap that the alleged king of the deal turned down. For details, please see TTF: Totally Trump's Fault.

So, here were are back at square one where the typical policies apply.

Free Stuff = More Votes

Democrats generally operate on the principle that free stuff buys votes, country be damned. Governor Bullock was an exception.

Politics aside, here's the fundamental economic truth: Open borders and massive amounts of free stuff are completely incompatible.

But free stuff offers buy votes. And demand for free stuff is unlimited. It's a guaranteed train wreck.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Obama’s been gone for a while now. Hillary is long in the tooth, AOC is mostly forgotten, and Greta Thunburg went home. We need a new bogey man.


wasn't the uproar with trump's policy in contrast with obama's was that he forcibly separated children from their parents? i'm sure under obama there were children separated from their parents, but under trump, the policy was to do this purposefully to try to deter future families. the difference is humane vs inhumane.


"Australia's Solution: According to Emigrate Australia, Australia accepts skilled migrants under the age of 45, with a profession on the Australian skills shortage list. Australia also accepts permanent residency by investment. That means, you need to have enough money". But Australia already has an immigration problem with the Chinese via the mining industry... The above rule is obviously exacerbating the problem.


"Democrats offered Trump $20 billion for a wall in return for amnesty."

Amnesty is the real reason illegal immigration became an issue and what brought down former House Speaker Eric Cantor in a primary election.

It is actually beneficial when aliens, legal or not, come here and work. But it is downright scary granting them amnesty with eventual citizenship and the power to vote away the Constitution. That's why Democrats (socialists) want amnesty while (rank-and-file) Republicans do not. If illegal aliens were libertarians, I'd help sneak them in and promote amnesty.

Sure, many Americans born here also vote away the Constitution. And, once upon a time decades ago, immigrants came here who were willing to work with no expectation of receiving handouts. But we cannot deport Americans born here and modern social programs attract 'undesirables'. Amnesty encourages more illegal immigration as many potential illegals will assume that there will be another amnesty in the future as there was in the past under Reagan.


Trump can't give "amnesty". It's the only issue that will lose the 38% of Americans who hate immigrants as much as he does.


Obama was almost as bad a president as Bush. Obama came into office with two wars going on and added Libya, Algeria, and Syria.

Obama, send your daughters to war, not ours!


Australia isn't a very good example -- no land borders.

If there was not a covert intention to exploit illegal workers, there long ago would have been drastic enforcement of a system to penalize anybody who hires illegals, cutting out the incentives. All kinds of businesses (who donate campaign funds) rely on them. Exploit? Yes, they have no recourse, and the people who hire them are not doing so to depress consumer costs, but to pocket extra profits. Perhaps consumers enjoy cheaper prices, but the costs (education, health care, etc etc) are for the tax payer. So it's another example of [1] privatize profit and socialize costs & [2] depress wages using third world wage arbitrage.

As for the humanitarian concern for illegals, sanctuary bs, separation of children (happens to whitey too if you break the law), open borders, free health care for the whole world -- all feigned. If Trump hadn't started about a wall, the whole thing would just not be a topic in the media. Liberals are capable of accomodating insane ideas just to prove their counterpoints to Trump, all leap-frogging each other to prove their souls are pure.


Not just kids,US has the highest rate of all incarcerations in the world by far,by 2025 they'll be more prisons than Mcdonalds and Walmart combined.Soaring drug trafficking,soaring prostitution,soaring poverty,soaring dependency on big government equals a soaring prison industrial complex.


OBAMA, the black Messiah , with his articulate, mesmerizing, ghostwritten, teleprompted speeches... like his predecessors (and successor), turned out to be just another hoax ! Thanks to biased msm though, this well spoken hypocrite could get away with it like never before.... Yes the US of A is the world's incarceration nation n° 1, probably a consequence of being the global magnet for all kind of, not always well meaning, materialism craving people ! On a global scale there are now almost 8 billion , increasingly well informed sapiens apes, looking for prosperity on a ecologically half destroyed planet that has become way too small for all of us ! Having a decent life with cheap social care and generous social netwotks and a life expectancy of 85 is becoming more and more of a unaffordable illusion, so don t expect things to improve any time soon , quite the contrary, all it would take now is a financial economic meltdown of a already overstretched and insanely overleveraged unsustainable system Central Banks are desperately trying to keep afloat ! Good luck I d say , to all of us , let s enjoy while we still can, democracy and all it stands for is already far behind us ....


We did the amnesty thingy in 1986, under Reagan. I remember it clearly: Reagan sitting at his desk, surrounded by smiling liars from both parties, all solemnly affirming that, in return for amnesty for over four million illegals, we'd finally have bipartisan support for the rule of law, E-verify enforcement, etc., etc. Didn't happen, won't this time, either. There's not even the slightest ray of hope in stemming the tide until the profit motive of cheap labor and/or present and future vote power from the Mexican diaspora is removed. That would mean perp-walking CEOs, mandatory prison upon second conviction, etc. I've seen enough now to realize it's just an effective campaign fundraiser for both parties, because both find it effective...nothing more.


"Not only did the UN pull the story, Reuters and Agence France-Presse also killed the story."

The mainstream media is propaganda.

Speaking of Reuters and propaganda, a recent poll on impeachment support, done by Reuters, way over sampled democrats. The poll was a fraud.



Steve Bullock just pulled out of the presidential race; apparently he was too moderate for the democrats.


Also not usually mentioned, because of how utterly disgusting it is, is the mental health issue surrounding prisons. In the 1970s and 80s was big msm propaganda push about the deplorable conditions at mental hospitals. This was followed by closure of most of them. The inmates were turned out into the streets. A very large fraction were picked up by the prison system. The unfortunate thing for these folks is that if you are in a mental institution, you don't get to vote. Our so-compassionate friends on the left were more than happy to evict them so that the money would go to efforts that DO buy votes.

This is one of the most disgusting things in our history. I believe the same thing happened in the UK, also. I am one of the last people to support a social program. But not to take care of the retarded and mentally ill is disgusting. Further, to do so to buy votes of the capable and competent is beyond the pale.

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