Women Lost More Jobs But Have Gained Them Back Faster


In the Covid recession women lost more jobs than men. This was expected, yet it is atypical of recessions.

Men vs Women Employment Long-Term

Employment Level Men va Women Long Term August 2020

In the preceding 6 recessions, unemployment impacted men far more than women, especially during the Great Recession.

These charts show employment levels, not jobs, and make no distinction between full-time and part-time employment.

Employment Gains and Losses Men vs Women August 2020

Key Points

  • The Covid recession impacted women more than men.
  • Male employment fell 14.25% from February to April.
  • Female employment fell 17.89% from February to April.
  • Since April, women are recovering employment at a faster pace than men.

That's not a surprise. Women hold more hotel, cleaning, restaurant server, and hospitality-in-general jobs than men. 

Those jobs are not work-at-home eligible.

The Recovery is Led by Part-Time, Not Full-Time Employment

Also note The Recovery is Led by Part-Time, Not Full-Time Employment


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Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

For how long?

This week's initial claims revealed continuing claims +93K ... all programs +380K.

Senate stimulus failed to pass today. Looks like I was wrong. Increasingly doubtful of further stimulus till post election.


At 72 cents on the dollar, women are a bargain!


It is an atypical recession for now, but eventually it will be a normal recession, hitting most sectors. Service was just in the front line.


Reading the usual sad sack stories of people who lived on a thread and now that the thread has been cut, are in dire straits indicates to me that there is a lot of economic and market downside to come.

Unemployment Claims Send Another Worrisome Note
Filings for benefits reflect continued layoffs and a sluggish recovery. “The numbers are going in the wrong direction,” one economist said.
Sept. 10, 2020, 6:16 p.m. ET


During the epidemic, it was true that many people were unemployed, including me. But fortunately I was a woman, found another job faster than my husband. https://run3mod.com