Without a Doubt, Boris Johnson United the Tory Party


Boris Johnson united the Tories. In contrast, Jeremy Corbyn failed to unite Labour.

Six Point Compelling Picture In Chronological Order

  1. Theresa May failed to deliver Brexit.
  2. Support for the Tory Party collapsed.
  3. Support for the Brexit Party soared.
  4. Support for the Labour party collapsed as well
  5. Things reversed for the Tories the moment it became apparent Boris Johnson would be the next Prime Minister.
  6. Support for Labour, even after a recent surge languishes well below where it was a year ago.

You can like the trends or not, but there is no denying what the chart shows.

Meanwhile, I keep hearing ad nauseum that Labour is ahead of where it was when Theresa May called for elections in 2017.

Let's investigate that notion.

Polling Trends in 2017

Image placeholder title

We are Here

Please compare the above chart with the lead chart.

Spot any differences?

For starters, Corbyn is not ahead af 2017. It seems to be a tie with Corbyn fading fast.

This is Not 2017

  • This is 2019, not 2017.
  • The trends before and since the election was called are not remotely comparable.
  • Theresa May was never very popular or likeable.
  • Corbyn was in a honeymoon period.
  • Today, Corbyn is the most unpopular opposition leader in UK history.

Corbyn is Amazingly Unpopular

Unless there is some sort of debate rally, Corbyn will be behind in 3 days, way behind in a week, and undeniably and impossibly behind in two weeks with the election the following week.

That is what the trends say. There is no point in denying the obvious.

Let's discuss why this is.

Corbyn's Message Does Not Resonate

Corbyn's message "Negotiate a deal then hold a referendum on it" does not resonate.

And why should it?

People, even Remainers are sick of this. Corbyn pledged to honor the referendum and didn't.

He wants another one. And after a bit he will support a referendum for Scotland too. He refused to rule it out.

And if he needs SNP support to break a deadlock in the case of a hung election, is there any doubt he won't grant one immediately?

Union Question

A question came up in the debate: Is the union more important than Brexit?

Johnson answered yes. Corbyn didn't. He couldn't because he supports a Scotland referendum, not now, but later.

Of course, later means now if there is a hung election. For all this talk of Johnson busting up the union, please take a look at Corbyn.

I saw no media commentary on this at all. I wonder what the fence sitters think.

UK Election Debate: Johnson Wins by Not Losing

Yesterday, I commented UK Election Debate: Johnson Wins by Not Losing

A YouGov poll gave Johnson a small win. Look, a 51-49 "victory" is a tie in this kind of thing.

The media commentary on the outcome was quite amazing.

The Guardian and others proclaimed Corbyn the winner, despite the immediate polls, because Corbyn did better than expected and allegedly landed more blows.

Say what?

Boring Debate

I watched the entire debate. For the most part it was boring. And boring is precisely what Johnson wanted.

If anything, Johnson went well out of his way to be purposely boring!

Let that sink in.

Corbyn did not need boring, he needed a blowout and failed to deliver. If you score the debate by what was needed, Corbyn lost badly.

Nonetheless, straight up, I stick with my assessment: It was a tie. Spin that however you want because I just did.

Referendum on Corbyn

Despite Johnson's insistence on making this a referendum on Brexit, what's really happening is the campaign has morphed into a referendum on Corbyn himself.

Image placeholder title

That's a pretty amazing poll.

A whopping 51.9% of men and 42.0% of women believe johnson would make the best Prime Minister!

Also note that Jo Swinson tops Jeremy Corbyn among women and age groups 55-64 and 65-74.

Not even 18-24 year-olds prefer Corbyn. The only demographic in which Corbyn leads is 25-34 year-olds.

For further discussion of the above chart, please see Fear of Corbyn Outweighs Fear of Brexit.

Expect More Boringness

At this juncture, Johnson simply wants to avoid any major gaffes.

Expect more "Let's get Brexit Done" boringness.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Johnson is wrong about the Union being more important that Brexit. Without Brexit the Union is irrelevant as we are just a vassal state. What he thinks of when he means the Union isnt possible when subjugated under the EU yoke.


The media, and particularly the BBC seem biased against the conservatives. As a recent example, on Radio 4 yesterday morning, Mr Johnson was castigated for his response about the Royal Family in the debate. They quoted him as saying The Royal Family are beyond reproach. What he actually said was "The institution of The Royal Family are beyond reproach". Leaving out the word "Institution" changed the emphasis completely in the wake of the furore surrounding Prince Andrew.


Avidremainer is going to cry …. very soon. When he/she realises his/her/its dream of a remain solution is dashed to hell. The remainers are a bunch of worthless ideologues who care nothing for democracy (apart from when it works in their favour). Oh well, hopefully most of these peanuts will leave or jump. And good riddance.


Vote labour, Vote SNP is a good slogan. Clearly Nicola Sturgeons comments of yesterday provide a strong indication of what would happen in a hung parliament. Another Scottish Refererundum in the near future would clearly be on the cards.


The cruelty, callousness, and malevolence of this government has driven my anarchist father to register to vote for the first time in 40 years. The Tories are destroying our country, our culture, our infrastructure, our safety net, and our future. https://twitter.com/Amber_moore/status/1197222203152052230


OT of course but: Mish, back in the olden days I recall you taking a position in metals miners. Where are you now, and why?


"...I keep hearing ad nauseum that Labour is ahead of where it was when Theresa May called for elections in 2017."

I haven't heard this myself but have no doubt that it is true. I also have no doubt that the Tories will win with Johnson.

And, I have no doubt that many Johnson supporters, including Brexiteers and true free-market advocates, will despise him after a few months of his being PM.


Any doubt that Labour will take assets directly or indirectly is confirmed. Massive spending & give always because interest rates are low. Inflationary! Corporation tax raised to 26% from the current 19% Capital Gains on assets to be taxed as income. So any assets that rise with inflation will be taxed, thereby stealing part of them. We could be doomed!

Deep Purple
Deep Purple

Mish commented in the other thread: "There is only 15% of the Lib Dems left for Labour to target. Corbyn has already picked off all but the hard core. They can't stand him and thus no more gains coming"

If you want to see the Lib Dem hard core, that is on the left of your diagram. Below 10%. The extra 5% supports them mainly because of Brexit and probably goes back and forth relatively easily. This 5% has a potential to vote for Labour.

There is another group of targeted voters who support Greens at the moment. maybe 2-3%. There are lots of green points in the Labour manifesto exactly to get them on board. Besides the Brexit referendum, of course.

I am just speculating but Labour at 40% again seems unlikely. Lib Dems were at 7.4% when this happened in 2017. But ~37% can be achievable.


If Corbyn is so unpopular how did he get elected as the leader of Labour party? is he unpopular with the people but popular with the MPs?

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